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Winter Sale at I WAIT U… download-shop

Winter Sale 2017
Winter Sale 2017

For all fans of I WAIT U…® 

Get to know first and foremost that the winter sale at the I WAIT U…® download-shop by Mirjam Tarbo© starts tomorrow until the 29th of January!

Hope you find as much as possible pictures you like for a reduced price.

Don’t miss the chance, coz who knows when the next promotion take place.

Wish you lots of download fun at the download festival!



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News about my Shop

Have you discovered yet that my shop got an upgrade. By now its possible to download more pictures at once. I installed a shopping cart where you can add all your favorite pics and after you are finish go to your cart, pay and download them.

Its quicker, easier and faster than before, try it and discover also my creative cards, pics and bookmarks. Find also my blog-book there as download as well as the football game board including the instruction in English and in German.

From time to time I will make a special offers for you all. Get at some days discount for your pursue  – but you have to be quick, offers are just available for a few days.

So stay tuned and don’t miss any opportunity to get a special price for your downloads!


I WAIT U... shop
I WAIT U… shop upgrade


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About I WAIT U…®

Some people may not really know whats about this site and why I make such different things at the same time with my registered word brand „I WAIT U…“

Well thats easy and simple to explain: 

I want to show you how diverse my word brand can be used in advertising, merchandising and a lot of other projects.

Just to find some clever and creative ideas and a new idea or ad-campaign is ready to go! And therefore its also useful to gain a license for I WAIT U…


Read more about the advantages in the press release below:

Press release for the word brand I WAIT U…®

The value of a simple and catching phrase, which is to be found in ads like „I think it`s good“ or „I´m loving it“ should not be underestimated.

It is known, that some poignant words can help to earn a lot of money in publicity.

The same is true for „ I WAIT U…®“ this word brand can now be acquired as a license.

„I WAIT U…®“ stands for a poignant and significant message, which is both confusing and attractive alike.

Because oft he wrong grammar, which makes the words even more catching and rhytmic, the customer will instantly be attracted.

The possibilities of making profit out of a license are manifold. Once saved, the words „I WAIT U…®“ offer some witty web designer various ways to use their creativity.

„ I WAIT U….®“ is suitable for many products or messages, so its license will be acquired in no time.

Mirjam Tarbo has made known the slogan, which is also the title of her book, which has already gained some remarkable echo.

Products of any kind can be combined with that word brand. The owner puts emphasize on a flexible use in publicity. M. Tarbo has for example printed the slogan on some T-shirts.

A look into the author`s hompage gives you an impression of the originality of that slogan. You are welcome to give new suggestions for the use of the word brand „I WAIT U….®“.


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Watch design I WAIT U…

I WAIT U... watch design
I WAIT U… watch design                                                                                                                                

Created a lot of different designs for this watch, see them on the site „Merchandising“.

Im looking for companies which want to implement my ideas with me, in license with my registered word brand „I WAIT U…“

My registered word brand „I WAIT U…“ is the perfect design for a watch because we are often waiting for someone, something or that the right thing comes soon. Sometimes we can’t wait and time seems to pass slowly, but also if we are in a hurry time passes to quick.

I WAIT U… is also a good and funny word brand which is very strong related to time and waiting. People will love it!

Read also my press release on the site „License“ so you get to know more about why it will work good not just for watches but also for other creative things as well.

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Download cards, bookmarks pictures

I WAIT U… Cards for download                                                                                

Very soon you will be finally able to download my best cards, bookmarks and ad-campaign pictures which I created for you before I started this new homepage.

I just have to set up my store and then be quick because all pics will be available for a few days until a new series starts after a few days. Don’t miss your favorite pics and some free downloads.

Choose also between pics only with „I WAIT U…“ where you can add a subtitle of your choice or with my word brand „I WAIT U…“and a subtitle you like most.

Countdown is very soon – after all settings are done.

I will let you know as soon as Im open for business.




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