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Carnival, carnevale, Fasching

The funny time of the year is coming at its peak, so I designed some new table sets for you all. If you want to celebrate a funny or a classical venetian party i created for both needs some table sets.

Here are just some examples for each one:

popularity: 17

popularity: 12


See them all in my download shop and download yours for your upcoming party these days! Have lots of fun with friends and family!


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Valentines Day – love is all around !

My new Valentines collection- table sets and cards – are mainly created with hearts and wings. And is inspired by love songs.
Find here a small list of my favourite ones:

I designed classic, elegant and funny, creative table sets and cards. So there is for every need and taste a choice- I’m sure you will find on or more you want to download for this Valentine’s Day!
Here are some of my best products, just click and start downloading!

popularity: 24
popularity: 28

popularity: 17

popularity: 8
popularity: 7

And find more in my download shop!

I also redesigned the board game for this special love day, now it’s called “ fire of love“

popularity: 24

Or also buy a whole package including table set, card and board game and your Valentines Day will be very special and hot !


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Lucky charm and motivation pictures for 2019

Hello my dears,

the new year is young and has just begun!

So download for yourself or your friends lucky charm pictures for better motivation and  to implement your New Years  resolutions!

Here are some of my new and best once, but I have lots  of others  in stock!

popularity: 1
popularity: 1
popularity: 1

Choose which one fits for  you or your friends, download and send it. 

You can also ask at your neighborhood print service to make a magnetic pic for your  fridge, so every morning and single day you get remembered and motivated by them!



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Looking behind the scenes

Behind the scenes
Behind the scenes

Today I give you a little look behind the scenes of my work. I had namely noted with regret that the response has not yet really exhilarating in my online download shop as I expected. While there are days when it is busy and others are rather poor.

Now I’ve been thinking about how I can tell you about the pricing  if they occur to you excessive, and why I calculate just more than others for certain images.

So here’s a little look behind the scenes of my work and how my pictures come about:

I namely not use Photoshop or some other sophisticated program, but with a more or less complicated method, with Word, and the simple Photo program on my computer. Unfortunately I have not yet had time to take a course for Photoshop, to at least learn the basics. That said, I would have signed up in the spring for a course, this was canceled due to insufficient number. Now I’m just forced to go on with my self-learning method. This I speak now very well and the results are in my opinion very good.

I also love to implement new ideas, this is often very exciting, because I often know in advance not  if its also working  as I have images in my mind of my ideas. Very often, I have a clear and unambiguous of the picture, as the end result should look like. Mostly I succeed then so and sometimes a new and yet creative image arises also, despite some difficulties or by accident.

Sometimes I sit up to three or four hours at the PC, only a design to get so that I myself am satisfied and this can also go online.

I put all the pictures, especially the promotional images, in my online store they are called „Ad-pic“ at a high resolution, for my clients. These are specially designed for business customers who want to use them for promotional purposes.

And so I think, sometimes slightly higher price has its counterpart, and is not just an exorbitant price. From time to time there are then repeatedly discounts that I announce via Twitter and Instagram so that all know about.

Here are once more my social media data, so you do not miss the next actions:

Twitter: @mirjam_tarbo

Instagram: mirjam.tarbo

One last thing to my customer!

Do not hesitate to ask me for another size for an image or another color scheme, just mail me and ask for it. I can create you any size and any other color.

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About I WAIT U…®

Some people may not really know whats about this site and why I make such different things at the same time with my registered word brand „I WAIT U…“

Well thats easy and simple to explain: 

I want to show you how diverse my word brand can be used in advertising, merchandising and a lot of other projects.

Just to find some clever and creative ideas and a new idea or ad-campaign is ready to go! And therefore its also useful to gain a license for I WAIT U…


Read more about the advantages in the press release below:

Press release for the word brand I WAIT U…®

The value of a simple and catching phrase, which is to be found in ads like „I think it`s good“ or „I´m loving it“ should not be underestimated.

It is known, that some poignant words can help to earn a lot of money in publicity.

The same is true for „ I WAIT U…®“ this word brand can now be acquired as a license.

„I WAIT U…®“ stands for a poignant and significant message, which is both confusing and attractive alike.

Because oft he wrong grammar, which makes the words even more catching and rhytmic, the customer will instantly be attracted.

The possibilities of making profit out of a license are manifold. Once saved, the words „I WAIT U…®“ offer some witty web designer various ways to use their creativity.

„ I WAIT U….®“ is suitable for many products or messages, so its license will be acquired in no time.

Mirjam Tarbo has made known the slogan, which is also the title of her book, which has already gained some remarkable echo.

Products of any kind can be combined with that word brand. The owner puts emphasize on a flexible use in publicity. M. Tarbo has for example printed the slogan on some T-shirts.

A look into the author`s hompage gives you an impression of the originality of that slogan. You are welcome to give new suggestions for the use of the word brand „I WAIT U….®“.


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Happy Mothers Day 2016!

Mothers Day Herz
I WAIT U… Happy Mothers Day                                                                                                                     

I wish all mothers a blessed, happy and nice Mothers Day 2016!

Spend your special day surrounded by your beloved once, speed out love, happiness and ease!

Find my Mothers Day cards also as free download in my shop, if u like them and want to send them to your mother or dear once.



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Hello and welcome!





Welcome to my audience
Welcome to my audience

Dies ist meine neu gehostet Seite:, auf der ich nun mehr Möglichkeiten habe und diese auch nutzen möchte, um euch meine besten Bilder, Postkarten und Lesezeichen zum download bereitzustellen.

Das möchte ich so schnell wie möglich realisieren, zuvor muss ich aber noch etwas rumstöbern, welches Plug-in sich dafür am Besten eignet. Bis dahin könnt ihr auch auf meinen ersten Blog, mit dem ich vor zirka einem Jahr begonnen habe, lesen, stöbern, liken und teilen.

 Hier die ULR: 

Auch hier wird es immer wieder Beiträge geben, die euch aktuell informieren,  auf dem Laufenden halten aber auch Interessantes zum Verlauf und Stand der Dinge liefern.

Also freut euch schon auf die Bilder und Postkarten, die ich für euch kreiert habe und natürlich auch auf den Austausch zwischen allen, die meine Seite besuchen.

This is my new hosted site where you soon can find pics, postcards and ad-campaign pics for download.So stay tuned and visit also my first blog, link is above ↑

Bis bald, see you soon

eure Mirjam

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